Thursday, 26 May 2022

Live Your Life

Live Your Life - Muskaan Khadloya

Follow your wildest dreams,
no matter whatever comes in between,
be focussed towards your goals,
letting none to have you under their control.

Life is not a cakewalk,
it has challenges in its stock,
be brave and vanquish them,
pull all the negativity to its end.

We are social beings,
with a diverse variety in it,
difference of opinion is ordinary
nothing meant to change your identity.

Society is an obvious thing,
not a soul can make you weep,
you feel low, because you let them in,
close your mind to the toxic beings.

No two people are the same,
everyone is unique in their own way,
those who seek to restrict your limits,
piss them off within that minute.

What others think of you is none your business,
you’re here to follow your own standards,
live a life dominated by just you,
not giving a thought on how they’d judge or conduct with you.

Don’t live according to others,
you’re not anyone’s puppet,
this life will never come again,
so, don’t let it go in vain.

Ignore everything that weighs you down,
laugh always and never should you frown,
never overthink on bullshit things,
as it would destroy your inner peace.

Happiness comes from within,
and not from outside things,
remember, you are the only controller of your mind,
to make it blossom or wither, is entirely your own choice.

Live Your Life - Muskaan Khadloya

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  1. Beautifully written ...👌👏

  2. Very well articulated Muskaan. True in its meaning and deep in its intent.

  3. Very well written Muski great

  4. Ur imagination is । very true

  5. Very true. One more great poem with deep meaning and excellent message !

  6. Beautiful❤️

  7. Awesome. Keep going

  8. To write and phrase such wonderful lines into a meaningful poem is a wonderful skill. Keep nurturing this passion to great levels. Keep writing. Kudos.

  9. Happiness comes from within - Stay happy and stay blessed 😇 !!